Our history, our vision, the team

Our history

Former colleagues at Teleperformance, Simon and François went into entrepreneurship in 2015 and founded Your Data Consulting. With their experience in customer relations, they first specialized in customer interaction analysis. A year later, they realized that the optimizations made to these paths are also applicable to other processes: financial, logistics, industrial, etc. This is how Livejourney, the first French process mining solution, was born. The software quickly found its audience among the largest companies in France: La Poste, Orange, SNCF, etc.

Livejourney history

Our vision

We are convinced that the majority of Process Managers waste a lot of time understanding and analyzing slow, complicated and unagile processes.

We want to make their lives easier and get them back in control of their processes quickly. We believe that the process should serve the business and not the other way around!

The best way to free yourself from the weight of processes is to take a step back. This is why we design and deploy a Hypervision solution.

The team

Simon Pioche

Chief Executive Officer

François Arnaud

Executive Managing Director

François Rosset

Chief Data Officer

Jessica Laurcie

Chief Operating Officer

Damien Thirion

Damien Thirion

Backend Tech Lead

Yoann Valero

Data Scientist Engineer

Benjamin Dumont

DevOps Engineer

Denis Casselle

Full Stack Developer

Benjamin Scheinhardt

Full Stack Developer

William Moustrou

Front-end Web Developer

Léia Gonidec

Software Quality Manager

Julien Théron

Julien Théron

Data Engineer

Stéphanie De la Hoz Molina

Stéphanie De la Hoz Molina

Project Manager

Thomas Perus

Business Developer

Carmen Kanhonou

Digital Marketing Assistant